Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alban Heruin (Summer Solstice)

A ritual to be performed at noon on the longest day of the year.

Have an altar ready, indoors or out as weather or situation dictates, with representation of the elements, a druid sword, a special clear chalice with appropriate drink (or water), and a simple feast of whatever fruits of early summer were ready for harvest from the garden that morning.

[Perform solitary grove opening then move into seasonal blessing below.]

[Stand facing the noonday sun in the south and say the following aloud with feeling...]

The earth turns, and with its turning, the sun "rises" and that which we call time is called into being
The earth circles the sun, and with its circling, that which we call the seasons become
And with these times and with these seasons the Sun gives order to our existence
And with this order we measure out our lives upon this earth

On this, the longest day of the year, we give thanks for the blessings summer brings
We give thanks for the light, for without it, the plants could not grow
We give thanks for the warmth, for without it, the earth would be barren
We give thanks for summer for within its warm and fertile embrace the plants of summer grow to bring forth the fruits of the harvest!

Lift the chalice from the altar

The maiden of spring becomes once again the green queen of summer! Behold the richness of the growing season, the fertility of the living earth, and the first fruits of the year. We give thanks for the return of summer and the rich promise of a new harvest to come!

[Salute the noonday sun with chalice]

Father Sun, bless and warm us!

[With chalice, salute the earth]

Mother Earth, bless and feed us!

[Pour a small libation from chalice to each tree in the grove in turn, and by either pouring into dishes or dipping fingers into the chalice, let the critters have a taste as well]

All of life, live! Grow! Rejoice!

In Gaia, all life is one!

[Bow head and drink also from the chalice, signifying oneness with all the other life present]

[close grove]


spottedwolf said...

I find mystical associations to Druid idea rather 'new age'. In years past I researched much of what was pandered to as 'druid' and noticed most of the 'mystical' was speculative postulate. the best reads I came across were the ones which steered clear of the fanciful and discussed what little known associations existed from Celtic history. That Druids existed is true, but what it meant to be of "oak knowledge" was probably more of a metaphor for broad intellect than some shamanistic lifestyle.These people were reputed to garner the level of respect among a broad array of tribes which could effectively stop a battle and command both parties to table to discuss their difficulties. The great Celtic lawyer Pelagius, was thought to be 'druid'.